From the Studio

  • Celebrity endorsements, collaborations and the death of creativity

    2018 delivered the death knell to fashion and art as we knew it. Fashion is being driven by commerce, as it always has been but now there is a brazen admission that the survival of a business or a designer is determined by Insta followers who would like to become famous for following the right celebrities.

    So once a celebrity has reached a certain number of followers the best way to increase the circulation of the product is to collaborate with another celebrity or maker of handbags, sneakers and hoodies. Great for those folks but how does someone with fresh ideas, blessed with true creativity break in? How does new product reach the market when factories just want to produce the most quantities they can and the product lives or dies by how easy it is to push through the assembly line? Hoodies, jeans, sneakers and baseball hats. Message me if you want to know the answer to how to short circuit this.

    The art world is besotted with identity politics. It will move on soon. Maybe make art about hoodies, sneakers and hats.