With a BFA from Pratt Institute Judy Kermis Blotnick had no choice but to become a fashion designer for 20+ years (so she could eat)  before realizing that she really just wanted to make art ABOUT the fashion world.  She wound up at Boston's School of the Museum of Fine Arts/Tufts University where she now teaches, what else.... a course about art and the business of fashion. A native New Yorker, she happily lives in Boston and Florida where she indulges her other passions: writing, drumming, improv classes and collecting Ticonderoga pencils.

The original impulse is always to make pretty pictures, to link the past dance with fashion
to the current tango with art. So there is a seriousness to the impulse but it always takes a weird left turn somewhere and forces a sigh of resignation. The work is funny. Again. 

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